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Compliance breaches can mean damage to both your reputation and your bottom line. IntelligenceBank ensures you can deliver content at scale, while ensuring you have checked all the regulatory and brand compliance boxes.

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How we help you achieve regulatory & brand compliance

Standardized processes

Set up workflows that are scalable and repeatable to ensure work is delivered via the same process every time.

Easy collaboration

Enable Marketing, Brand, Legal and Compliance teams to work together productively.

Intuitive tools

Technology that makes staying compliant easy, reducing the risk of costly human errors.

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Configurable approval workflows

Set up single, multi-stage or conditional approvals. Automate approval workflows based on your own conditions such as campaign type, stage, budget or risk level. Customize who needs to approve assets and campaigns, and when.

A full audit trail of all actions

A date and time stamped record of all comments, annotations and approvals are stored and easily retrieved for future reference. Instantly prove if a campaign asset has been approved, by whom and when.
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Always use the right version

Cut the risk of using an old or incorrect asset. View all versions of an asset in one place and instantly understand which is the correct version. Revert to an old version with just one click.

Brand guidelines available anywhere

Cut the risk of off brand assets being used. Online Brand Portals make it virtually impossible to produce off brand material, with up-to-date guidelines available anywhere in the word, 24/7.

“By ensuring all our team members have easy access to the right resources, we maintain consistent activations across a global and diverse network of brands.” Learn about Online Brand Portals

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Get disclaimers right every time

Cut the risk of going to market with costly errors because you’ve used an out of date or incorrect disclaimer. Generate legally approved disclaimers based on criteria set with your Legal team.

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“Good intentions are one thing, but IntelligenceBank’s templated disclaimers make it harder to make an error.” Learn about Disclaimer Engine

On-brand content creation at scale

Automate content production with brand approved creative templates. Quickly create multiple variations and automatically add approved disclaimers and imagery.
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Ensuring all creative is on brand, relevant and compliant … is of utmost importance, and IntelligenceBank is making this process easy for us.

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Features for every stage of the content and campaign process

Digital Asset Management

Store, search and share asserts from one central location.

Briefs & Forms

Annotate, markup and collaborate on creative assets.


Cut approval bottlenecks and get to market faster.

Creative Templates

Supercharge branded content creation.

Online Brand Portals

Inspire and educate teams about your brand.

Proofing & Markup

Annotate, markup and collaborate on creative assets.

Disclaimer Engine

Get your disclaimers right first time, every time.

Reporting & Dashboards

Understand performance and improve processes.

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