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IntelligenceBank’s AI powered Digital Asset Management system helps you tag assets faster and more accurately, cutting the time you spend on repetitive and unproductive tasks and helping your team find assets quickly.

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Faster, more accurate tagging

Automatically identify and tag objects, places, brands, locations and people. Slash the time you would normally spend on manually tagging assets.

Better tags means faster search

AI generated tags are instantly searchable in your IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management system, making find the right asset as simple as a Google search.

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The best brand management software links taggable digital creative content to your workflow. 

Find faces in a flash

AI facial recognition makes it easy to find assets containing specific people – perfect for managing talent usage or quickly viewing all uses of a person within your Digital Asset Management system.

One platform for your audio and video captions

Use AI to add searchable, editable and interactive closed captions to your video files, saving you time and increasing accessibility.

Closed Captions tools enable accessibility and marketing compliance.
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Bulk crop and download images

Lots of images to crop? Don’t waste time cropping them one at a time. Focal Point uses AI to detect the most important part of images and then automatically crops them to your own specs.

There are many DAMs available, few that offer the level of quality we expected, and only one that meets our demanding needs: IntelligenceBank.

Blaise Nauyokas

Creative Director at Good Feet

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Create approved content faster with other IntelligenceBank features

Digital Asset Management

Store, search and share from one central location.

Briefs & Forms

Manage briefs and requests on a dedicated platform.

Proofing & Markup

Annotate, markup and collaborate on creative assets.


Cut approval bottlenecks and get to market faster.

Creative Templates

Supercharge branded content creation.

Online Brand Portals

Inspire and educate teams about your brand.

Disclaimer Engine

Get your disclaimers right first time, every time.

Reporting & Dashboards

Understand performance and improve processes.

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