Introducing the IntelligenceBank Shopify Integration

Introducing the IntelligenceBank Shopify Integration

Shopify Connector

We’re excited to introduce a feature that will redefine the way Shopify users manage their assets – the IntelligenceBank Shopify Connector. This new feature opens up direct access to brand-approved assets from your IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, all within the Shopify platform.

Anyone responsible for the content management of an ecommerce site deals with an immense bank of product images. Fast and easy access to correct assets is their number one priority. That’s why we created the Shopify Connector. It acts as a bridge between your DAM and your e-commerce platform allowing you to work faster and stay on brand.

What’s in store for you?

Quite simply, this connector allows you to seamlessly upload images from your IntelligenceBank DAM while you’re in Shopify. No more switching tabs or platforms, and no more downloading and re-uploading files. This translates to less hassle, less errors and more time.

Feature highlights

  • Asset access made easy – No need to leave Shopify to browse and search for brand approved assets in your IntelligenceBank DAM.
  • Simplified integration – Select and attach multiple assets directly to specific Shopify products and product variants – all with a few clicks.
  • One-stop login – Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality lets you effortlessly log in to your DAM while staying firmly rooted in the Shopify environment.

Why it matters

The IntelligenceBank Shopify Connector isn’t just about convenience; it’s about transforming how you work and enhancing brand consistency.

  • Efficiency redefined – Say goodbye to juggling platforms. With all your assets under one hood, you can work faster without constantly switching between Shopify and your DAM.
  • Brand harmony – Direct access to the IntelligenceBank DAM means you’re using the latest brand-approved assets every time. There’s no risk of using an old or out of date version of a product image.

IntelligenceBank CEO Tessa Court explains the drive behind this new connector, “Our aim is to empower marketers and creatives with tools that make their lives easier, while maintaining legal and brand compliance. The IntelligenceBank Shopify Connector is another big step in that direction, enabling a seamless flow of assets for your Shopify store.”

Ready to experience the IntelligenceBank Shopify Connector in action? Contact us to learn more about how this feature can elevate your Shopify experience.

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