Manage brand and marketing requests with ease

Escape the chaos of managing marketing requests sent via email. Direct requesters to a fully configurable request form and then manage the request on a dedicated platform.

The best brand management software centralizes, organizes and automates work.
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Collect the information you need

Configure your request forms to ensure your team receives the key information they need, enabling them to deliver quality work quickly. Include mandatory fields and questions with conditional logic.

Manage requests efficiently

Marketing requests are sent to one central location for easy organisation. Prioritize requests according to urgency, or view tasks in a Kanban board. You can even send automatic responses to common requests.

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Monitor and improve your performance

Keep track of the number of requests you have received over time, your team’s response time, and the number of overdue requests. Understand common requests so you can better enable self service in your Digital Asset Management system.

There are many DAMs available, few that offer the level of quality we expected, and only one that meets our demanding needs: IntelligenceBank.

Blaise Nauyokas

Creative Director at Good Feet

Common Marketing Inbox use cases

Asset requests

Manage requests for common assets such as logos, fonts and templates.

Brand questions

Manage enquiries about brand guidelines and usage.

Approval requests

Manage approval requests for branded collateral.

Design requests

Manage requests to create new artwork or collateral.

Campaign ideas

Manage new campaign and marketing ideas suggested by team members.

Change requests

Manage requests to make minor updates to artwork or collateral.

Create approved content faster with other IntelligenceBank features

Digital Asset Management

Store, search and share from one central location.

Briefs & Forms

Manage briefs and requests on a dedicated platform.

Proofing & Markup

Annotate, markup and collaborate on creative assets.


Cut approval bottlenecks and get to market faster.

Creative Templates

Supercharge branded content creation.

Online Brand Portals

Inspire and educate teams about your brand.

Disclaimer Engine

Get your disclaimers right first time, every time.

Reporting & Dashboards

Understand performance and improve processes.

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