A configurable platform that can grow as you grow.

IntelligenceBank is designed to be a core part of both your marketing team and your wider business. We’re here to set up the platform to suit your needs both now and into the future.

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Designed to fit in with your business

Fully configurable

Set up the platform to suit your specific needs. Re-create your existing workflows and processes, or let us assist you with best practice advice.

Your choice of features

Take advantage of our full range of features, or select the specific features you need now and then expand your use in the future.

Aligned to your brand

Use your own brand identity and business terminology to make IntelligenceBank feel like your own platform.

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Custom user and group permissions

Take full control of the areas of the platform users can access, and the type of actions they can take. Set up permissions based on roles, business units, or groups, or create custom permissions for individual users.

Configurable approval workflows

Set up single, multi-stage or conditional approvals to match your approval procedures. Automate approval workflows based on your own conditions such as campaign type, stage, budget or risk level.
Marketing compliance software includes structured approval workflows
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Briefs to match your current processes

Configure briefing templates based your specific requirements ensuring each brief contains only the key information your agencies and creative teams need. Tag key collaborators, include mandatory fields and questions with conditional logic.

Aligned to your brand and your business

Set up the platform with your own brand colors, fonts and business terminology. Your users will experience IntelligenceBank as your own native platform, not an external piece of software.
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Available for users in multiple areas

Enable the platform for Marketing team members, but also for users in other business units such as Legal, Compliance and Product. Give custom access to external partners such creative and design agencies, and photographers.

When you choose a platform, make sure it can grow with your needs, and it can mirror the way you work. That is, make sure the technology can map to your processes, not the other way around.

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Integrated with the tools you already use

Connect with your creative applications, CMS and Microsoft and Google Apps 

Features for every stage of the content and campaign process

Digital Asset Management

Store, search and share asserts from one central location.

Briefs & Forms

Annotate, markup and collaborate on creative assets.


Cut approval bottlenecks and get to market faster.

Creative Templates

Supercharge branded content creation.

Online Brand Portals

Inspire and educate teams about your brand.

Proofing & Markup

Annotate, markup and collaborate on creative assets.

Disclaimer Engine

Get your disclaimers right first time, every time.

Reporting & Dashboards

Understand performance and improve processes.

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