Easier Approvals with Our Enhanced Approvals Center

Easier Approvals with Our Enhanced Approvals Center

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Managing your approvals just got easier thanks to an update to your IntelligenceBank Approvals Center. 

While we gave the Center a fresh lick of paint to improve your experience, the main changes are three new features to make it even easier to find and manage approvals.

Customized approval filters
Tailor which approvals you can see by defining and saving filters based on specific criteria such status, reviewer, requester and date of request. This means no more sifting through approvals to find the one you need to action.

Quick search bar 
Tired of hunting through your inbox for a specific approval request? A new search bar lets you swiftly locate the approvals you need. Just type in a keyword and you’re there.

Sorting by date
Time sensitive projects demand priority. Now you can arrange your approval requests by date, ensuring you can focus on what’s most urgent.

Want to see it in action? Take a tour.

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