Tabcorp chooses IntelligenceBank to boost creative compliance and efficiency

Tabcorp chooses IntelligenceBank to boost creative compliance and efficiency

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Wagering giant Tabcorp uses IntelligenceBank’s powerful marketing technology to supercharge efficiencies and boost creative compliance. Tabcorp is one of the largest gambling and entertainment companies in the world. With businesses in both the retail and online gaming markets, they employ over 5,000 people and have a 60 person strong marketing team.

To say Tabcorp’s marketing team must simultaneously manage significant regulatory compliance and a high volume of work is an understatement. It’s an avalanche on both fronts. But marketing compliance in particular, is something Tabcorp upholds with the greatest care and respect. And it’s not just because they are obliged to. The value placed on ethics and genuine sense of responsibility is deeply embedded within Tabcorp’s culture from the top down.


Decision to deploy ‘game-changing’ marketing tech

Tabcorp’s solution to guaranteeing high levels of marketing compliance was to migrate their creative production workflow system to IntelligenceBank’s Marketing Operations platform. This decision enabled the automation of many functions that were ‘game changing’ for this wagering and media heavyweight. In fact, using IntelligenceBank’s suite of digital asset management, workflow, briefing with disclaimers and creative templating tools has enabled the company to not only stay firmly within a myriad of codes, but move more swiftly and accurately than they ever have before.
Good intentions are one thing, but IntelligenceBank’s templated disclaimers make it harder to make an error. Creative outputs deliver the correct disclaimers because of controlled inputs. – Chris Yates | Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Wagering and Media Tabcorp


The challenge – Juggling high volume, compliance and efficiency!

Tabcorp constantly manage a multitude of responsible gambling requirements spanning various products, regions and media channels. But no other campaign on their calendar demands quite as much inventory and focus as their annual Spring Racing Carnival. In 2022, Tabcorp produced 9,500 creative assets over a 10 week period with only 6 graphic designers and not one error. Regulatory compliance was not only water-tight it was better than ever. How?

To deliver a large, faultless campaign at pace, Tabcorp needed an ironclad online platform to:

  • Standardize workflow with strict approval processes.
  • Customize campaign briefs for complex content and legal inputs, as well as outputs.
  • Integrate creative templates with conditional compliance mandatories – such as automating the placement of the fine print that needs to be placed on ads by state and media type.
  • Centralize creative assets in a Digital Asset Management system.
  • Remove the duplication of tasks across all business functions.
  • Have creative version control and visibility.
  • Provide an audit trail for each job.
  • Be a single source of truth.
Providing excitement with integrity is central to our communication ethos. – Chris Yates | Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Wagering and Media Tabcorp

The Solution – Marketing compliance delivered via tailored marketing operations software

IntelligenceBank’s integrated Marketing Operations software paved the way for seamless and traceable collaboration within Tabcorp’s marketing, legal and management team. The platform enables the set-up of pre-populated creative briefs, making review and proofing easy with annotations, mark ups and version comparison. Once an approved piece of content is generated, Tabcorp’s Self-Serve Templates (SST) makes it easy for anyone to create content.

Bespoke assets can be automatically created using templates that are pre-approved by creative and legal. As the name suggests, self-serve templates can be customized easily and require no design skills.

While the design is locked in, details such as price, location and other variables can be effortlessly altered within pre-approved parameters. Using IntelligenceBank’s Disclaimer Engine, Tabcorp team members simply select the appropriate compliance mandatories from a drop down of predetermined fields. No need for further rounds of approval. This capability can be used within IntelligenceBank’s templating tool or via the API to integrate with third party templating tools to generate legally compliant content.

What used to take up to 7 to 10 days now takes 20 minutes. – Chris Yates | Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Wagering and Media, Tabcorp.


The efficiencies gained using IntelligenceBank have been substantial, in terms of creative efficiency, cost savings, quality and compliance. Here are some of the stats.
  • Timeline to asset creation and approval reduced from up to 7 days to 20 minutes
  • 1/3 of all artwork channeled through templates
  • 30% reduction in workload across creative team
  • Significant reduction in compliance incidents
  • Increased revenue through speed to market

As well as improving compliance, IntelligenceBank’s Marketing Operations software has revolutionized business-wide efficiency. Previously repetitive mundane manual tasks not only left Tabcorp open to human error but consumed resources across the entire company.

Along with freeing up marketers to think more strategically and designers to create better work, in-house legal staff are not weighed down proofing hundreds of assets and can get on with the work they were trained to do.

Self-serve templates have both increased agility and given the marketing team a sense of agency and ownership over ensuring compliance.

IntelligenceBank compliance and efficiency deliverables

IntelligenceBank’s Marketing Operations platform is an end to end creative workflow management system. It handles the process from ideation to final delivery and post analysis.

While there are hundreds of features all designed to make campaign delivery easier, those crucial to Tabcorp realizing a remarkable ROI include:

Integrated marketing campaign briefs: Seamless collaboration and approvals on creative briefs across business functions and locations.
Disclaimer Engine: A highly granular 100 point logic map ensured the right disclaimers were automatically attributed to the right brand, product, channel mix and location.
Self-Serve Templates: A bank of any number of prepared dynamic creative templates scrutinized and approved by creative and legal. Built to be used by anyone, they preserve brand, design and production specs, yet allow changes to variable content.
Version control: Facilitates a side by side comparison of previous iterations along with traceable comments and approvals.
Digital Asset Management system: A central repository for all creative digital assets from low res web elements to high res film footage. Files can be quickly located due to advanced metadata and downloaded in multiple different formats.


Tabcorp creative templates here to stay

The key to successful templating and disclaimer engine administration is that it is not ‘set and forget’. There are constant rigorous audits and revisions to ensure changes in regulation are followed to the letter.Tabcorp currently has over 150 templates and due to the proven success of the Spring Racing Carnival, are preparing to establish more.

One thing’s for sure, automation and templating is here to stay. Because when it comes to doing the right thing by their customers and regulators, Tabcorp does not gamble.

Want to know more?

At IntelligenceBank, our mission is to provide an effective and tailored solution for organizations. That’s why we work closely with our clients like Tabcorp and listen to their unique challenges carefully to successfully address them with a bespoke solution.

Using our Digital Asset Management, Disclaimer Engine and Creative Templates, Tabcorp was able to empower their entire marketing team to create assets they had total confidence in. Not only would they be on brand, to spec and well designed, they would be compliant to the last full stop.

In a highly regulated, high velocity, omni-channel communications environment, it’s a choice between staffing up or using tech to work smarter and reduce human error.

If you’d like to know how to marry increasing compliance obligations and workload with seamless efficiency, contact us or book a demo with one of our product experts.

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