Understand performance and improve processes

If it’s in IntelligenceBank, you can report on it. View key information on your digital assets, approvals and time to market, and identify areas of compliance and brand risk.

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Identify and reduce production bottlenecks

Monitor and improve time to approval by identifying individuals and teams who are slow to review and approve marketing content. Identify top performers so you can learn from best practice.

Be confident that processes are being followed

Understand if your team is following best practice marketing processes. Are briefs being quickly approved before being sent to creative teams? Is final artwork being approved before going live?

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Monitor your digital assets and reduce risk

Reduce the risk of using out of date content, or content with expired image rights. Monitor which assets in your Digital Asset Management system have expired or are about to expire.

Understand how your assets are being used

Get an instant view of which assets have been downloaded from your DAM, or viewed on external platforms. Get a full picture of commonly requested brand assets such as logos and templates.

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Understand risk at a glance

View campaigns by risk level to instantly understand the number of low, medium and high risk campaigns in, or soon to be in market.

“Ensuring all creative is on brand, relevant and compliant … is of utmost importance, and IntelligenceBank is making this process easy for us.”

Fiona LeBrocq


Commonly used reports

Time to approval

Understand how many days it takes for different types of content to be approved.

Overdue workflows

Understand which workflows are causing bottlenecks in your production process.

Overdue tasks

Understand which tasks are overdue, and take action to prevent further delays.

Brief status

Understand the proportion of briefs that are currently approved, pending or declined.

Logins by month

Understand who is logging in to the platform and following correct processes.

Types of brief

Understand the volume of different types of briefs that are being submitted.

Assets expiring soon

Understand the assets in your DAM that are about to expire and can no longer be used.

Download requests

Understand which assets in your DAM have been requested to download.

Create approved content faster with other IntelligenceBank features

Digital Asset Management

Store, search and share assets from one central location.

Briefs & Forms

Manage briefs and requests on a dedicated platform.

Proofing & Markup

Annotate, markup and collaborate on creative assets.


Cut approval bottlenecks and get to market faster.

Creative Templates

Supercharge branded content creation.

Disclaimer Engine

Get your disclaimers right first time, every time.

Online Brand Portals

Inspire and educate teams about your brand.


Connect IntelligenceBank to your favourite applications.

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