Get disclaimers right the first time, every time

Deliver content faster by automatically generating legally approved disclaimers based on answers to questions about an asset or campaign​.

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Reduce disclaimer errors

Cut the risk of going to market with costly errors because you’ve used an out of date or incorrect disclaimer. Generate legally approved disclaimers based on criteria set with your Legal team.

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“Good intentions are one thing, but IntelligenceBank’s templated disclaimers make it harder to make an error.” Read case study

Reduce Legal bottlenecks

No need for Legal to review and approve disclaimers for every creative asset because they have already approved disclaimer rules at the start of a campaign.

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“[IntelligenceBank] has enabled the way in which our Legal team and Brand & Marketing work together to be transformed for the better.” Read case study

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Produce approved content at scale

Speed up production by automatically adding disclaimers to every piece of artwork in a campaign. Create a database of approved disclaimers and then use Creative Templates to quickly add disclaimers to creative.

Create disclaimers for specific channels

Disclaimer too long to fit on a digital banner? No problem. Create rules that automatically adjust the length of a disclaimer based on the channel it will be used in.

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How it works

How Disclaimer Engine helps you create approved content faster

Set up

Legal and Marketing teams create disclaimer rules.


Marketing team answers questions about a campaign.


Approved disclaimers created based on the user’s inputs.


Approved disclaimer inserted into campaign assets.

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Cut approval bottlenecks and get to market faster.

Creative Templates

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