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See why the world’s top companies use IntelligenceBank to quickly and easily store, search and share creative assets from one centrally managed location, with full visibility and control of how they’re used.

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How about AI-powered image and video tagging?

AI makes categorizing, finding and sharing creative content easier than ever. Automatically tag people, places and objects, transcribe audio and video files, and a whole lot more.

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How about enterprise security and compliance?

IntelligenceBank is ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant, HIPAA-supported and protected by two-factor authentication. SSO for multiple platforms available.

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How about a dedicated Account Manager?

Get set up for success with your own implementation team, a dedicated Account Manager, exceptional ongoing support, plus a 24/7 Helpdesk.

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Quickly find the assets you need

Searchable AI generated tags help you find what you need with just a few clicks. Use our intuitive search bar or create customised search filters to instantly find what you’re looking for.

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“The IntelligenceBank solution allowed us to have all of our marketing assets in a single system that was easy to find and filter.”

Instantly share assets internally and externally

Securely share content with your team or external partners and agencies. Set download expiry dates to control asset usage and use CDN links to links to instantly update content on external websites and content management systems.

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Encourage self service

Spend less time dealing with common, repetitive requests. Give your team and external partners easy access to approved brand assets such as logos, fonts, illustrations, templates and images. 


“By ensuring all our team members have easy access to the right resources, we maintain consistent activations across a global and diverse network of brands.”

Transform and download assets instantly

Speed up the production process by using AI to bulk crop, transform and download images and video in a variety of formats, including your own presets. No need to use additional external platforms.

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Manage talent and usage rights

Set asset expiry dates and reminders, connect assets to talent release forms, and display clear usage rights and conditions so it’s clear how, where and when an asset can be used.

Full control of access

Set up custom permissions to ensure only the right people or teams can download or upload assets. Use approval workflows to give you full visibility and control of where and how assets are used.

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There are many DAMs available, few that offer the level of quality we expected, and only one that meets our demanding needs: IntelligenceBank.

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Additional features you’ll love

Enterprize grade security

ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant, HIPAA supported and protected by two-factor authentication. SSO available.

Video closed captions

Add searchable, editable and interactive closed captions to your video and audio files.

Measure asset usage

Keep track of where and when your digital assets have been used, with easily configurable reports.

Version control

View all versions of an asset in one place, compare them and instantly revert to an older version.

Hundreds of formats

Store images, videos, audio, illustrations, icons, fonts, PDFs, website URLs, Microsoft Office docs and more.

Metadata mapping

Metadata in files can be automatically extracted and embedded as searchable system fields.

Integrated with the tools you already use

Access brand approved assets from your DAM without leaving the app you’re working in.

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