Automatic Keyword Tagging

Use AI technology to automatically tag assets in your Digital Asset Management system.

IntelligenceBank’s Automatic Keyword Tagger for Digital Asset Management Software allows you to automatically tag images with the most relevant keywords.

We use AI technology and machine learning to recognize objects and colors in your images which can be added as keywords to ensure assets can be found with the relevant search terms.

This feature can simplify bulk uploads as manual tagging of individual images can be a very time and resource heavy task.

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Digital Asset Management Software Search

Advanced Search, Global Filters & Metadata

Our advanced search engine lets you search for digital assets by title, description, file contents, automatically extracted metadata (general, IPTC and EXIF) and custom keywords you add.

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Digital Asset Management Software Tags Permissions

Automatic Keyword Tagging

Use IntelligenceBank’s Automatic Keyword Tagger for DAM to save time when bulk uploading creative assets. Advanced AI technology recognizes images then automatically suggests keywords for files.

Digital Asset Management Software Annotations

Creative Collaboration

When collaborating on artwork with internal and external teams, add an annotations conversation to specifically mark up files prior to release.

Digital Asset Management Software Dashboard

Public Link Tracking & Analytics

Instantly run usage reports on digital assets in our DAM software and see how your platform is used in real-time. Our granular audit trail reports on everything that happens, by user, by file and overall.

Digital Asset Management Software Image Download

Image Conversion

Resize, crop and transform images in the formats you need.
Convert files from Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator to formats anyone can view.

Email and share converted images with other users or use public links to embed into social media, your CMS, emails and more.

Digital Asset Management Software Video Transformation

Video Transformation

Transform video files into different formats, add watermarks or use snippets using our video transformation features.

Email and share transformed videos with other users or use public links to embed into social media, your CMS, emails and more

Email Alerts & Email Links

Create email alert notifications when new files or new versions are added to the DAM platform. You can also email links to files to both registered and external users – which avoids clogging up email with large file sizes.