Top Marketing Brief and Request Forms

Top Marketing Brief and Request Forms

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Each month we manage a multitude of marketing briefs, requests and general intake forms for our clients.

Here are the top briefs and request forms we see that save marketing teams 30%+ in admin and ensures work is on brand and legally compliant.

Master/Concept Brief
This cornerstone brief lays out the big picture goals, unique selling proposition, insights, timelines and budget. It’s the North Star that guides all the work that comes after it.  Once this is finalized and honed, life gets easier and work flows through the system easier when campaigns and tasks ‘hang off’ the Master Brief.

Campaign Brief
Often created in conjunction with the Master Brief, the Campaign Brief focusses on a specific marketing campaign. Think objectives, strategy, and tactics, along with the creative concept, target audience, budget, and success metrics.

Task Brief
A tactical and practical brief that breaks down specific tasks and actions needed to get the project done. Expect to see deadlines, deliverables, and team responsibilities.

Quick Brief
The often reached for Quick Brief is a streamlined document that hits the highlights of a project in a condensed format. It’s like a marketing cheat sheet, if you will.

Digital Brief
If you’re focus is on online marketing, then this is your go-to. The Digital Brief zeroes in on the target audience, channels, budget, and key performance indicators for digital campaigns. Digital Briefs fall under the umbrella of a Campaign Brief but there are other considerations – just for online marketing.

Consent Forms
This form ensures all parties involved in a project have given their consent for the use of images or video footage. It is essential to managing legal and compliance risks and can be linked to individual assets and campaigns.

Marketing Risk Assessment
Helps you identify potential risks that could come up during a marketing campaign and lays out strategies for mitigating those risks.  For campaigns involving pricing, guarantees or other claims, this is a ‘must have’ marketing workflow.

Critical legal statements that cover things like product liability, warranties, and intellectual property rights.  These can be linked to briefs or tasks and appear when the brief meets certain conditions, like for example, a price comparison ad.

Photography Upload Form
Manages the upload and distribution of images, making sure everything’s properly attributed and in line with legal requirements.

The Ask the Team Intake Form
A great tool for getting out of email and into a system.  By prompting people with questions they need to answer, marketing teams can work faster and reduce the back and forth and admin time by 30%

Studio / Creative Brief
This comprehensive brief that is often linked to a master or campaign brief, that lays out everything from color schemes to typography to style guidelines.

The Agency Brief
Key to ensuring the agency has the information they need to brief in creative – outlining the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and budget.

Data Brief
Data privacy and security is on everyone’s minds.  Especially when conducting SMS campaigns, email marketing, partner campaigns and even audience segmentation projects.  The data brief ensures all customer data handling is in line with privacy mandates and handing of data is appropriate.

Insights Brief
All great creative starts with unique customer insights.  Use insights briefs to see if data points about customers already exist, or request new research to be done – to support campaigns and even AB testing.

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Good briefing ensures people follow best practices and speed up creative approvals.  And we all know that bad briefing can cost. On top of that, marketing operations tech allows you to automate, connect and centralize all of these functions. So, combine the two and you have great efficiency and increased compliance!

If you want to learn how the pros do it, get in touch or check out our article on master briefs and agile marketing.

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