Top 5 Reasons Financial Marketers need a Marketing Operations Platform.

Top 5 Reasons Financial Marketers need a Marketing Operations Platform.

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Does your team have a plan?


When it comes to financial marketing, having a plan is key to getting projects out the door.

As marketing professionals, we are all aware how complicated marketing can actually be. With the hurdles of working with multiple teams, as well as trying to keep track of your own internal marketing team, having a system in place to ensure projects are flowing smoothly is crucial.

Adopting a dedicated marketing operations platform can:

  • Allow your team to work better together
  • Ensure your projects are moving along as they should be
  • Keep your output of assets and messaging on brand and within compliance

With the adoption of remote work and stricter compliance guidelines, financial marketers are under more pressure to increase their output and quality of work.


Here are our top 5 reasons financial marketers need a Marketing Operations Platform.


1. Plan your campaigns to stay on track

The best ideas are nothing without a proper plan, and rarely do those plans involve a single person. A proper marketing operations platform not only allows you to plan out your campaigns, but it should allow you to collaborate easier with your team and streamline your processes. Tools like briefs and workflows enables teams to keep on track with upcoming due dates and future campaigns and marketing initiatives. Having a proper plan also is crucial when it comes to planning out your marketing budget and helps ensure you have enough of that budget allocated to the correct areas of focus.

2. Visualize your teams projects

Making sure everyone is on the same page and understands the projects is key in ensuring a steady stream of output. Financial marketing often revolves around fiscal quarters with non-negotiable deadlines. It is crucial to see the projects your team is working on, as well as the progress of those projects. A good marketing operations platform will allow you to view all your team members, the projects they have on their plate, and how far along they are. This helps not only managers, but helps all internal teams collaborate better and see if someone might need a hand with their workload. Another benefit of this is the ability to link your projects to their respective creative assets, allowing your team to make sure everything is in line and creates an interactive “to do” list.

3. Collaboration as easy as it gets

Real-time collaboration used to be exclusively an in-person advantage. Luckily with the right marketing operations platform, no matter where your team is, you can work together, in real-time, to comment, markup and set up audit trails (looking at you my Compliance friends). Invite your compliance officer to review a project while you are actively working on it so that they can give their valuable feedback then and there. Another invaluable feature is the ability to annotate and make comments onto a variety of assets, such as PDFs, images and video files. One feature that some marketing operations platforms have that is also worth its weight in gold is the ability and compare version drafts, side-by-side. It is sometimes hard to see small changes made to assets, but seeing them next to each other can help highlight what exactly has been updated, and if those updates are better or worse than the previous version.



4. Compliance is no longer a 4 letter word

If you are still swapping versions between marketing and compliance via email, you are working in the stone age. Did you know that you could keep a record of requests, approvals and usages directly in your marketing operations platform (well, the good ones at least)? This eliminates the risk of any outdated versions being passed around and will help you streamline your process. Better yet, with the right DAM (shameless plug, check out IntelligenceBank for this feature!), you can even set up a disclaimer engine to populate your fine print based on the content, application, and distribution plan. With built in reports and dashboards that track marketing activity, talent usage, compliance processes, budgets and creative usage, you and your team can always be prepared to be put under the microscope.




5. Keep it together with integrated apps

Software integration is more important than ever as we try and increase efficiency and compliance. When you can access your assets easily within software like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, you can increase your overall productivity and confidence that the assets you are pulling are the correct ones, every time. Imagine a world where you can edit your Word, PowerPoint or Excel files directly in your DAM, without having to jump between windows or applications. The idea of having one platform to access and edit your assets is a powerful feature, that when used correctly, can reduce the amount of variables that go into content creation. However you use it, you can stay compliance and on brand in your entire marketing ecosystem.




Does a Marketing Operations Platform sound right for you?

A proper marketing strategy takes time to plan, research and execute. Bringing a marketing operations platform to your team will only strengthen your ability to work with your team, work with compliance, and ensure your hard work is getting out there to use. No more guessing the progress of your team’s projects, and no more miscommunication about who is responsible for what. Having your marketing plan mapped out will only serve to help you, and your teams will thank you for it.

To learn more about IntelligenceBank and how a Marketing Operations Platform can help you, please feel free to contact us and see how we help Banking and Finance companies around the world. We would love to book a custom demo with you and show you why IntelligenceBank is the trusted BrandHub for financial marketers.

Contact us and find out how IntelligenceBank helps marketing teams with collaboration, efficiency and compliance.

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