Top 5 Reasons Financial Marketers need a DAM

Top 5 Reasons Financial Marketers need a DAM

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Financial marketers are under more pressure than ever to stay compliant while also dealing with things like expanding remote teams, regulation changes, and asset libraries that are always growing. A proper DAM (Digital Asset Management), like IntelligenceBank, can allow a marketing team to do more, easier. Here are our top 5 reasons financial marketers need a DAM.

1. Store, Find and Share All Your Assets Easily

With more companies moving to remote teams spread across the globe, the ability to access and share assets from the same library has become more important than ever. When dealing with financial marketing, ensuring the use of the correct, up-to-date assets is crucial in keeping the messaging consistent and compliant. Sharing assets has also been a challenge for marketing teams in the past. Depending on the system used, you can have multiple places where assets are housed, which then creates the issue of how to share them, not only within the organization, but outside the firm as well. Emailing sensitive documents and assets is typically not the preferred system due to the lack of security, as well as the limit on file size you can send over email. 

2. Dynamic Templates Will Set You Free

How many times have you been asked to make small changes to a document that could easily be done by the requestee, but either due to lack of knowledge or lack of access to certain software, must be done through your already busy marketing team? A DAM that features Creative Templates allows you to create dynamic assets that you can customize to allow only certain fields to be changed. This is a great feature to use, especially when you have a remote sales team that just wants to modify an asset to update their contact information, or maybe you have assets that are commonly used that only need to be updated periodically with changes in promotional offers or regulation changes.

3. Keep the Work Flowing with Workflow Approvals

The ability to see teams and people needed to complete a project is a key part in moving the process forward efficiently. Creating conditional and multi-hierarchical workflows allows teams to see where a project might be held up, and offer solutions to keep the ball rolling. How many times have you had a project going only to get stuck at the compliance approval stage, or maybe the head of a department has had it laying on their desk for weeks without any updates? Workflows allow you to see which stage of the process your projects are on and who is responsible for it.

4. Keep Track of Changes of Any Asset

The old days of sending versions back and forth via email are over. It’s not uncommon to be working on version 15 of a document, which means 14 older versions are floating around peoples inboxes. The ability to have a dedicated proofing and markup system allows people inside and outside of your team to add mark-ups or notes to any document, image, video, etc… It’s all too common for compliance and legal to have different rounds of revisions for an asset, so being able to see all of those changes is invaluable for an organization that needs to stay compliant.

Remember those 15 versions I mentioned earlier? Well with a good DAM, you will be able to have version control. This will keep a history of all asset versions and allow you to compare them to see what changes have been made over the course of any revisions. An even better DAM (hint hint, like IntelligenceBank), will allow you to view different versions side-by-side to see what changes have been made. This works not only with documents but images as well. If you have a graphic designer on your team, they will appreciate the ability to compare images that they have enhanced and really show how their creative eye has improved an asset.

5. Keep Compliance Happy with Detailed Asset Reports

Imagine a world where your assets are automatically tracked for compliance. Where you can create custom reports or dashboards for the usage of your digital assets with expiration dates, metadata and approval information. With the right full feature DAM, imagine no more! Asset reporting is becoming a more important part of marketing, as it allows you and your team to keep track of important assets in your library.  No longer do you need to worry about an asset expiring and having it slip through the cracks of compliance. With better asset reporting comes better asset management.

Does a DAM sound right for you?

The right DAM software can allow you and your marketing team to increase productivity while staying even more compliant than ever. In the world of financial marketing, the laundry list of things that you must watch out for is always growing. Compliance can be a bit of a minefield with regulations from FINRA, SEC, DDO, etc.. always changing and evolving. The responsibilities of the marketing teams are also growing as your company grows. From routine updates to complete brand refreshing, a DAM can allow you to do more, do it better and more efficiently.

To learn more about IntelligenceBank and how a full feature DAM can help you, please feel free to contact us and see how we help Banking and Finance companies around the world. We would love to book a custom demo with you and show you why IntelligenceBank is the trusted Digital Asset Management for financial marketers.

Contact us and find out how IntelligenceBank helps marketing teams with collaboration, efficiency and compliance.

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