Monitor and improve your marketing processes

Identify where your marketing processes are working well, areas for improvement, and how active your users are across divisions.

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Identify bottlenecks

Find stuff that’s making stuff take ages to do, slowing down your production process.


Monitor compliance

Make sure that stuff is being signed off, following the correct processes and stuff.


Measure platform usage

Understand if the platform is used by the right people and if they’re using it the right way.


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Commonly used reports available

A sample of just some of our more commonly used reports

Approval requests

Understand the number and types of approval requests being made.

Approval status

Understand the proportion of approvals that are currently approved, pending or declined.

Time to approval

Understand how many days it takes for different types of content to be approved.

Overdue approvers

Understand which approvers may be creating bottlenecks in processes.

On time workflows

Understand the percentage of workflows that are completed on time.

Types of brief

Understand the volume of different types of briefs that are being submitted.

Logins by month

Understand who is logging in to the platform and following correct processes.

Most viewed pages

Understand which pages in the platform are visited by your team the most.

Create approved content faster with other IntelligenceBank features

Digital Asset Management

Make content management and compliance easy.

& Markup

Collaborate on content and creative.

Briefs & Forms

Collaborate on content and creative.

Online Brand Portals

Inspire and educate teams about your brand.


Get briefs and creative approved fast.


Get briefs and creative approved fast.


Get your disclaimers right first time, every time.

Reporting & Dashboards

Understand performance and improve processes.

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