Transcribe Audio and Videos with Closed Captions

Transcribe Audio and Videos with Closed Captions

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IntelligenceBank’s Closed Captions feature unlocks the full potential of your audio and video recordings by converting them to searchable, editable and interactive transcripts. Convert your backlog of videos and audio files to ensure enterprise inclusivity and accessibility compliance.

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Accurate Transcription

AI Powered Closed Captions that turn raw video and audio files into meaningful time-coded content, fast.

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Enterprise Accessibility

Expand your reach. Ensure everyone, including people with hearing impairments, can understand the rich media content you spent hours producing.

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Better Compliance

Make sure your entire video catalogue adheres to WCAG 2-Ac1.2.2 Accessibility Standards.

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Save Time

Save hours of time manually typing out audio. Closed Captions can be easily edited after transcription.

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Search Content

Search keywords within transcribed media to quickly find the content you are looking for.

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One Platform

Create, store and distribute rich media, with proofing and approval workflows, and now closed caption functionality in a single secure platform.


1. Transcribe video and audio files

Upload and transcribe new files, or just transcribe your existing video and audio catalogue to add Closed Captions.

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2. Edit Closed Captions

Easily review and edit Closed Caption text. Quickly find information transcribed within your files.

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3. Watch with Closed Captions

Watch video or listen to audio with Closed Captions embedded within IntelligenceBank. Download transcript files (.SRT) for upload into other video platforms.

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Supported Files

MP4 (video) and MP3 (audio) files are supported. IntelligenceBank will automatically convert other video and audio file formats into these formats.


40 Supported Languages

Video and audio files will be transcribed into Closed Captions for that spoken language. 40 languages are supported including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.


Getting Started with Closed Captions

You can get started today with 20 minutes free Closed Captions transcription time.

  • Closed Captions is now available for IntelligenceBank DAM ProBrandHub and Marketing Operations (MOPs) clients.
  • Closed Captions can be enabled for IntelligenceBank DAM, Boards, GRC and Knowledge Management clients via your Account Manager.


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