Gerber Trusts IntelligenceBank to Share Assets With The Right People

Gerber Trusts IntelligenceBank to Share Assets With The Right People

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With a history dating back to 1932, Gerber has established itself as one of the premiere plumbing fixture manufacturers for both residential and commercial kitchens and bathrooms.

As Gerber continues to grow and expand its reach, their library of assets has grown. Gerber needed a solution to not only house their assets, but a solution that would act as their “single source of truth” for all of their assets.

In May of 2020, Gerber selected IntelligenceBank as their solution provider for Digital Asset Management (DAM), Brand Guidelines and Marketing Operations Platform (MOPS). They also integrated their website with IntelligenceBank to ensure online assets are always up-to-date. Gerber now has over 700 users and over 53,000 assets on their platform that grows everyday.




Gerber’s previous system to store assets consisted of a cluttered internal drive that was not owned by one team to keep it clean and up-to-date.

The lack of processes to handle their assets left the Gerber team lacking confidence that the assets they were accessing were the correct ones. This also meant that there was no single place for internal employees and business partners to be able to pull what they needed from Gerber’s library of images, videos, and other collateral.

What Gerber needed:

  • An asset library they could trust: Gerber needed a central location for all their assets that they could rely on for being their “single source of truth”.
  • Easily navigated by users: They needed a way to create separate files and curated content so that teams could access one file and have everything they might need for a project.
  • Ability to share assets: Share with various internal teams as well as external business partners.
  • Brand Compliance: A system to help their nationwide team and partners ensure brand consistency.

“We did not have an organized, single source of truth for marketing assets that was easily accessible for internal employees or business partners.”





Gerber chose IntelligenceBank’s DAM, BrandHub and Marketing Operations Platform to manage their digital assets, their brand, and streamline their marketing processes for better efficiency and compliance.

  1. A home for all of their assets
    All assets are now stored in a central location to ensure a single source of truth, giving users confidence they are using the correct and most up-to-date asset.

  2. An easier way to access and share assets
    Gerber use “Collections” to curate groups of specific assets, ensuring the correct assets are shared with the right people. This makes sharing assets outside the organizations easier, and reduces the risk of sharing sensitive assets.

  3. Streamline marketing operations for self-service
    IntelligenceBank’s self-service features have allowed Gerber’s team to reduce their workload and repetitive requests for assets. The ability to have internal and external users access permissioned assets is a game changer when it comes to productivity and reducing the bottleneck that requests can become.

  4. Brand Consistency across multiple channels
    Gerber’s use of IntelligenceBank’s BrandHub has given them confidence that their branding stays consistent, no matter where it ends up. With a combination of different internal teams, external business partners and everything in between trying to access and use their logos and brand materials, having a dedicated BrandHub has proved to be indispensable for Gerber as it expands its brand reach and recognition.

  5. Website integration to ensure assets are always correct
    Gerber’s choice to integrate IntelligenceBank onto their website has allowed a seamless experience for their website team. With the use of APIs, they can pull digital assets from their IntelligenceBank platform and use them directly on their website. This ensures that they have the most up-to-date assets on their site while only having to manage and update them within IntelligenceBank.

  6. PIM Integration
    As Gerber’s library of products grew, their need for a PIM became more apparent. Gerber implemented a PIM to enter their thousands of SKU’s (including images and installation manuals) were always accurate and up-to-date. They used an API connection in combination with their public links with IntelligenceBank to ensure that if anything is updated on their DAM, it will update the PIM automatically.

“Creating “Collections” in IntelligenceBank has been an incredible timesaver for our manufacturers’ representatives.”





With the help of IntelligenceBank’s DAM, BrandHub and Marketing Operations Platform, Gerber has been able to have the central library of assets they needed with a customized and organized system of storage. This has reduced the stress of knowing assets are where they should be, and allowed Gerber to share the correct assets to the right people.



At IntelligenceBank, our mission is to provide an effective and tailored solution for organizations. That’s why we work closely with our clients like Gerber and listen to their unique challenges carefully to successfully address them with a bespoke solution.

Using our Digital Asset Management and Online Brand Portal, Gerber was able to empower their brand and ensure their digital assets would be consistently well-managed across their wide network.

We all know that the strength of a brand comes from its quality and consistency. If you would like to know how you can sustain a consistent brand experience for your customers to uphold the integrity and relatability of the brand – worldwide – our friendly experts are just an email or phone call away.

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