Security and privacy at IntelligenceBank

As we host sensitive and business-critical information, the security and privacy of your data is our priority.

How we protect your data

Access Control

Users only see information to which they have access. That means, different users can only view, download, publish and/or print to where you grant access. You can give access by user group or by individual.

Data storage & control options

Your data is hosted in secure, ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant data centers either in the US, UK, Canada or Australia – depending on your location (and your choice). For larger corporates, we offer private cloud options for an additional fee.

Two Factor Authentication

For customers who require additional login security, two factor authentication is available.

Firewall Protection

Our servers are protected by a firewall, which deliver high performance (as to not inhibit speed of service) and multi-threat protection.

Login Rules

You can set login parameters such as length and complexity of passwords, and you can also determine how frequently your users need to reset their password.

Proactive Monitoring

Every five minutes, we proactively monitor our operating system, core functions, uptime, patch upgrades, firewall status and hacking attempts.

Data Ownership

You always own your data. Bottom line. We do not access your platform unless you provide your account manager with special, one time access, and you can always request a copy of your data on disk.

Penetration Testing

We are subject to penetration testing on a monthly basis, and bi-annually undergo external penetration tests.

HIPAA Compliant

We support the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations, and are able to sign HIPAA Agreements with enterprise-level customers as required.

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