Podcast: Making Sense of Martech with IntelligenceBank

Podcast: Making Sense of Martech with IntelligenceBank

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IntelligenceBank CEO, Tessa Court, sits down with Making Sense of Martech host, Juan Mendoza, to discuss Martech and how marketing is continually evolving to meet the ever changing demands of highly regulated industries.

"Regulatory compliance and brand identity has never been more important."



In this podcast, Tessa and Juan discuss how concepts like Brand Guidelines – which may seem limiting – can actually allow for greater creativity in a marketing setting. Beyond just color codes and size requirements, brand guidelines set the stage for all future marketing initiatives and help brands keep a consistent look and feel to their story.


With changing rules and regulations in almost every industry, staying compliant and on brand can sometimes feel like a moving target. Marketer’s responsibilities have increased significantly, and companies like IntelligenceBank are striving to meet the demands of the heavily regulated industries.

Companies are looking for a solution to stay compliant, stay on brand, easily collaborate with their teams, and do so without having to disrupt the flow of work. Marketing Operations Platforms allow teams to not be bogged down by the processes, but instead focus on creativity and planning for growth. Outdated systems and procedures that are still being used in these heavily regulated industries can be a huge liability for companies who are trying to market their product or service.

Tessa and Juan also talk about what draws clients to IntelligenceBank and some common issues companies have with their marketing operations that leads them to us.

This is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

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