New IntelligenceBank Features in February 2024

New IntelligenceBank Features in February 2024

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We’ve been working hard (as usual) to build new features to help you produce brand and legal approved content faster. They’re all here in our February Feature Update.

Facial recogntion w Modules Screen 2023 815x380

Find faces in a flash

You can now find faces faster thanks to increasingly accurate facial recognition. As an upgrade to our AI-powered capabilities, IntelligenceBank customers will be able to auto-tag and identify individuals in the platform, making it far easier to locate talent within your database, quickly make changes to public assets during leadership changes, manage talent rights within your images and much more.

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Saved Searches Screen 2023 815x380

Save your favorite searches

Do you often carry out the same search in your DAM with the same filters or keywords? The great news is that you can now save your most common searches. Search for assets, save the search and then perform the same search in the future with just one click.
Search Update Screen 2023 815x380

Find assets over 3x faster

If you’ve noticed an improvement in search speed in your DAM, particularly when using complex filters, then you’re not dreaming. We’ve recently made some significant upgrades to our search capabilities meaning that you’ll now be able to find assets even faster. Search performance is a key focus area for us so expect more improvements over the coming months. 

Spanish Language Feature Screen 2023 815x380

IntelligenceBank esta disponible en español

Spanish speakers rejoice! The IntelligenceBank platform is now available in Spanish. (By the way…it’s also available in French too). Talk to your Customer Success Manager or contact us to learn more.

Markup comments daily updates Screen 2023 815x380

Get updates when you want to

You now have even more flexibility with your IntelligenceBank notifications. Customers using our Proofing & Markup feature can now choose to be notified of comments daily, in addition to hourly, weekly, or not at all.
Bulk Edit Screen 2023 815x380

Bulk edit assets from different folders

Need to make changes to a lot of assets that are in different folders? No problem. You can now make bulk changes to assets, even if they’re in different folders. Simply search, select the assets, and get bulk editing.

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Upload SRT Screen 2023 815x380

More flexible video and audio captioning

You can already use IntelligenceBank to add closed captions to your video and audio files, but it’s now even better. You can now upload and attach your own SRT subtitle files with just a couple of clicks.

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