Introducing the Brandie Awards

Introducing the Brandie Awards

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At IntelligenceBank, we’re fortunate to see some of the best online brand portals in the world. We also see the hard work that goes into creating and maintaining engaging portals, and we want to recognize that.

There’s no shortage of awards for creative ideas, ad campaigns, visual IDs, and packaging etc., but none that celebrate the humble online brand portal. These portals, (we call them BrandHubs), are those collections of logos, fonts, colors, language, personality and positioning that are ever-ready, cleverly click into workflows and always current. They are the glue that keeps world class creative on track no matter the brief or who works on it. The Brandie Awards are our way of celebrating these dynamic online Brand Guidelines in a way that goes beyond the sheer satisfaction of brand compliance.


What we’re Awarding.


Brandies will be awarded for usage, design, interactivity and creativity. Who will win Best BrandHub Integration? Best BrandHub Engagement? Biggest BrandHub? And who will take home the ultimate prize for Best BrandHub? With winners announced 3rd March 2023, only time will tell.

Winners are Grinners.


Winners receive an award, social shout outs, a feature case study, badges, and other fun stuff.


Key Dates


Entries are now open!

  • Submissions close Friday 24th February 2023
  • Winners notified Friday 3rd March 2023

So come on! Share the excellence that is your brand portal and be acknowledged for best practice, blood, sweat and tears.

Contact to find out more.

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