IntelligenceBank Virtual Summit: 2022

IntelligenceBank Virtual Summit: 2022

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IntelligenceBank Virtual Summit – On Friday, November 18th, 2022, we held our first IntelligenceBank Virtual Summit for the North American market. We were honored to have customers and partners join us on stage to share their experiences, thoughts, ideas and some great tips when it came to Digital Asset Management, Brand Management and Marketing Operations.

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Our Vision

IntelligenceBank Virtual Summit kicked off with CEO Tessa Court celebrating our 13th birthday. Tessa discussed how our vision has always been to bridge the gap between marketing efficiency, compliance and performance. As a result, IntelligenceBank has grown to 500+ customers, 3 offices and 850,000 users in 55 countries, and is now on The Forrester Wave for MRM Software 2022.


Showcase Discussion

Suzie Fountain, Senior Customer Success Manager – Team Lead was joined by Presley Brown Lee, Associate Brand Manager, International at CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. to discuss their DAM platform and how its evolved since 2019.


Panel Discussion

We were honored to have Gabby Murrow, Brand Marketing Manager at Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, James Rosales, Director of Technology Strategy at Wondros and John Horodyski, Executive Director at Salt Flats join us on our virtual stage to discuss some things they have experiences, learned and would recommend to anyone looking at IntelligenceBank.


Key Insights from the Panel:

  • Martech systems are a program not a project. The best instances are refined and improved over time.
  • IntelligenceBank creative templates are game changers for on the fly personalization, ensuring quality, compliance and saving time. For clients and agencies alike.
  • Reducing marketing admin time is a huge win. The more you can automate so others can self serve creative assets and stay on brand and be compliant is a win and instant ROI.
  • You’ve been successful if your DAM can amplify your team so you can do more with less.
  • The best Digital Asset Management solutions can cater for intricate levels of permission access, hyper brand customization and integrations with your martech stack.
  • PIM and DAM work best together when you can feed ‘magic links’ of product images from the DAM into the PIM. So they are interconnected but you have a single source of truth of creative, product and brand assets.
  • Your DAM is better than google, because it can be completely customized to your brand and company. Always start with metadata and findability.

Product Roadmap

Eric Reichel, VP Customer Success, NA finished the IntelligenceBank Virtual Summit with a preview of the New Features we plan to release this year, as well as a sneak peak into what is planned for 2023 and beyond.


Thank You

We believe we have the best customers, and we are so grateful for your feedback and support to help us improve how to bridge the gap between marketing efficiency, compliance and performance. Thanks!

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