The Power of our Partnership with Pantheon

The Power of our Partnership with Pantheon

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Meet our new partner Pantheon. They’re a leading WebOps platform that works with Stitch Fix, Okta, Home Depot, Pernod Ricard and The Barack Obama Foundation. They help them, and companies like them, deliver websites through automating development, testing, and deployment. 

Our partnership brings their customers the additional functionality of a digital asset content management and workflow system to help them launch compliant sites at unparalleled speed.

Benefits of the Partnership

Every developer knows the frustration that comes with launching a web page – let alone an entire site. Often they aren’t given the assets they need, they receive disjointed or inconsistent feedback on their work across departments, and version control is a headache. All of this adds up to approval bottlenecks and ultimately, delays.

Pantheon’s integration of IntelligenceBank’s platform adds another layer of efficiency to their already feature packed software. By allowing teams to directly access and use digital assets from IntelligenceBank’s repository then traffic content creation, teams will be able to accelerate web development and maintenance tasks. 

Here’s a look at some of these benefits:

1. Seamless Digital Asset Management

Digital creative assets – the banks of images, video and audio files – are critical to most organizations. However, the sheer number of them can at times mean their management becomes a mess.

With the integration of our digital asset management capabilities into the Pantheon platform, organizations will experience a seamless and intuitive process for storing, finding, organizing, and distributing digital assets connected to their websites. This integration eliminates the need for time-consuming searches and manual uploads, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced resource wastage.

2. Enhanced Content Collaboration

Companies face the complex task of maintaining stringent brand and messaging controls, while at the same time navigating approvals from internal legal and compliance teams. The integration of IntelligenceBank’s collaboration tools means developers can now work across teams on projects, leveraging IntelligenceBank’s workflows.

This integration breaks down silos between management, content creators and developers, ensuring that the final work is not only engaging and approved, but also technically optimized for the web. This translates into higher-quality content delivered to audiences with greater efficiency.

3. Streamlined Web Operations

With IntelligenceBank’s integrations for WordPress and Drupal, Pantheon’s users can now accelerate asset development, automate workflow processes, and facilitate approval procedures. The reduction in development time leads to faster time-to-market for new initiatives and a reduced risk of website downtime due to outdated content. Additionally, detailed audit trails provide transparency and accountability for all sensitive site pages, ensuring airtight compliance.

4. Data-Driven Insights

IntelligenceBank’s analytics and reporting capabilities will provide Pantheon’s customers with the means to track how their digital assets are being used, which content is resonating with audiences, and where improvements can be made. When combined with Pantheon’s own webOps analytics, businesses gain a holistic view of their digital ecosystem.

This comprehensive insight empowers organizations to make informed decisions, refine their content strategy, and continuously optimize their web presence for maximum impact. 

5. Scalability and Innovation

One of the most exciting aspects of our partnership is its potential for scalability and innovation. As the partnership evolves, businesses can expect to benefit from ongoing updates, new features, and entirely new solutions that address challenges faced by businesses in the ever-changing world of digital.

A New Era

A user’s digital experiences can make or break a business. The IntelligenceBank-Pantheon partnership equips organizations with the integrations they need to design, collaborate and deploy brand and legal approved websites with unprecedented ease. 

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