Technology Companies

Technology companies grow and expand at the speed of light and are powered by digital marketing. That’s why IntelligenceBank is so important to scale your marketing efforts. As a central part of any tech company’s Martech stack, IntelligenceBank helps you get to market faster, report on performance and keep everyone on brand as you grow.

Problems we solve

Centralize Your Assets

Share large files seamlessly, and embed content into your Web CMS and Social Media

Track ROI

Instantly track usage when linked to websites and social media for content optimization

Brand Inspiration

Beautifully designed online brand guidelines to inspire your internal teams and external partners.

Marketing Project Management

Creative briefs, approvals and projects with budget approvals and scheduling.

Go With The Flow

Make it easy to sign off on creative concepts and briefs.

Easy Templates

Automate branded assets by locking down elements of a banner or print ad, and enabling customization

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Other industries we service

We work with a number of industries to provide simple solutions to complex requirements.




Franchises & Dealerships


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