The last thing any government department wants is to be front page news for the wrong reasons. IntelligenceBank reduces marketing risk for government agencies by helping them centralize creative content, manage talent usage rights, showcase brand guidelines, and ensure all creative is approved.

Problems we solve

Creative Assets

Centralize approved creative assets for easy access to a ‘single source of truth’ with granular permission rights.

Robust API

Robust API for headless DAM application to create a one to many relationship programatically between an asset and several publish points.

Creative Approvals

Manage the creative briefing process and creative approvals with proofing for an audit trail of who approved what, when and where.

Project Management

Creative briefs and projects with proofing, budget approvals and scheduling.


Manage disclaimers centrally and automate distribution on templates, websites and other media

Localize Creative

Enable government bodies to localize creative such as advertising, signage and posters on the fly to save time and money on design fees.

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Other industries we service

We work with a number of industries to provide simple solutions to complex requirements.




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