Franchise & Dealerships

The Franchise and Dealership business model depends on a strong consistent brand, that empowers local Franchisees to promote locally. IntelligenceBank helps Franchisees create their own creative content that is always on brand, with customizable templates, online brand guidelines, showcases, access to assets, and workflows to approve local creative.

Problems we solve

Creative Distribution

One location for all brand approved assets – always kept up-to-date.

Brand Portals

Access to brand portals where Franchisees can access brand assets and approved creative.

Brand Templates

Empower Franchisees to localize approved ads via Templates.

Marketing Inbox

Make it easy for Franchisees to self-service or request Branded assets (instead of email chaos).

Keep Everyone Informed

Keep all Franchisees informed about new campaigns and initiatives.

Franchisee Approvals

Ensure every branded asset is approved before it goes live.

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Other industries we service

We work with a number of industries to provide simple solutions to complex requirements.




Franchises & Dealerships