IntelligenceBank Q&A with Community Transit

IntelligenceBank Q&A with Community Transit

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For over 40 years, Community Transit has provided public transportation services for Snohomish County, Washington. Utilizing local bus, paratransit and vanpool services, it enables the community to more efficiently utilize public transportation to ensure that people get to where they need to be.

In 2020, Community Transit chose IntelligenceBank as their BrandHub and Creative Template software of choice. 

We sat down with Community Transit’s own Andrew Brown, Graphic Designer and Mark Tucci, Creative Services Manager, to dig deeper about their experience with adopting IntelligenceBank.

How does Community Transit use IntelligenceBank? 

We use IntelligenceBank to host and distribute assets created by the Creative Services team. This includes custom branded photos, videos, collateral materials, advertising, documents, templates, native artwork files, and more. IntelligenceBank is the primary education source for our brand–empowering employees to unify as a team.

Why is it important for Community Transit to have a system like IntelligenceBank? 

It’s been vitally important for us to have a one-stop location for the most up-to-date assets and creative materials. This self-service system saves a lot of time in communication and hunting for assets.

What problems did IntelligenceBank’s DAM solve for Community Transit? 

Before deploying this platform, Community Transit’s assets and materials were spread across numerous file folders and servers, often in duplicate. No-one knew where to go to find what they needed, and weren’t confident that what they were using was still valid. Before the DAM we spent wasted hours searching for materials.

How does the self-serve platform help save time, streamline and improve how their stakeholders request, search and produce creative assets? 

Having a singular source for all our creative assets, and one that’s easily sortable and searchable has helped us greatly. IntelligenceBank allows stakeholders to be more self-reliant, and has cut down the number of frivolous email inquiries to our Creative Service team via self-service.  IntelligenceBank allows users to transform, crop, and scale images and assets directly within the system. Access to brand-approved Templates allows users to customize content directly without Creative Service involvement while ensuring brand standards. It’s allowed us to streamline our work and stay focused on higher priority projects.

How did you launch IntelligenceBank internally?  What were the secrets to your success? 

We held numerous kick-off sessions with individual teams and worked directly with them to onboard and educate them about the features. We also created branded documents that walked through the account set-up procedure to help encourage sign-ups.

How have you been successful in getting people to use the system? 

It has taken continued effort educating and encouraging employees to think DAM first, but probably the easiest way we’ve been successful is by simply refusing requests that can be facilitated via the platform and simply re-directing them.

“We waited 10 years for our DAM. After tedious deliberation, we thankfully committed to IntelligenceBank. It has been integral in unifying our agency.” 

– Andrew Brown, Graphic Designer


What have been the results so far? 

In the year since we’ve launched the platform, we have successfully onboarded the majority of our staff into the system. We have been continually expanding the knowledge base, access of users, and introduced additional services such as creative templates and brand toolkit.

What do you love most about IntelligenceBank? 

IntelligenceBank is a highly-customizable platform that is easy to use. We’ve appreciated the quick responses to all of our help-desk questions and suggestions.

What’s next for Community Transit? 

We are in the process of rolling out our brand portal to better organize and educate our employees about our brand. This includes access to logos and other items that until now were only available as a direct asset download. In addition, we are also looking to create video tutorials that can help direct and educate users.

To download the PDF version, click here.

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